Suds-N-Flood Tamer


Here is a little history and a videotape converted from old supper 8 color movie with no sound that shows the Suds-N-Flood Tamer working in a water closet and sink.

It is a short video demonstrating how the Suds-N-Flood Tamer works to stop suds and water from backing up. The videotape also shows that it does not interfere with the normal flow of waste water.

The Suds-N-Flood Tamer was filmed installed in fixtures piped with all clear piping.

In the 1960's the inventor of the Suns-N-Flood Tamer, W. J. Baumbach constructed a clear pipe plumbing system on the outside wall of his workshop in Arlington Virginia. It consisted of a Water Closet, and a Sink Basket drain. A helper climbed up on to the roof and poured buckets of water with red dye down the vent stack to simulate a sewer system backing up which included soap suds. The film first shows the plumbing system backing up and over flowing without the Suns-N-Flood Tamer installed, Then a Suns-N-Flood Tamer is installed in the Water Closet and it shows that it stops the water from over flowing out of the Water Closet and the fact it holds the water back under a 5 foot column of water pressure. Then soap suds are added to the water to show how the Suns-N-Flood Tamer not only holds back the water but also soap suds. The last part of the film shows large quantities of toilet paper being flushed down the Water Closet to demonstrate the fact that the Suns-N-Flood Tamer does not in any way interfere or restrict the flow of water, as a mater of fact the Suns-N-Flood Tamer can stretch and expand larger then the pipe it is installed in. The numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, etc on the vent stack mark how many feet above the flood rim of the Water Closet the water is.

The film was originally done in the 1960's with a color 8mm silent film camera. In the 1990's it was converted to a VHS video, and now on 08-22-2007 a digital version of the original 1960's film can be viewed online.

They were originally called a "diaphragm" and were renamed Suns-N-Flood Tamer in the 1970's or 1980's.

W. J. Baumbach's two sons, William J. Baumbach II and Andy B. Baumbach took over the business.