Suds-N-Flood Tamer


Flushing Test on a 1.6 Gal W/C Flushing Ping-Pong Balls

Test was performed on a Briggs 1.6 Gal model #4965 manufactured 1995.

Water Closet was setup on a clear plastic tank.

I tested flushing Ping-Pong Balls because they are very buoyant and hard to flush! 

I flushed the water closet 10 times each with 3, 4 & 5 Ping-Pong balls at one time.

I then installed the Flood Tamer and repeated the test above. 

(I now have a very cold hand after pulling balls out of COLD water over 100 times)

Without the Flood Tamer installed the water closet flushed all Ping-Pong balls 30% of the time.

With the Flood Tamer installed the water closet flushed all Ping-Pong balls 65% of the time.

This is more than a 100% improvement in flushing.

Or in another words,


The test showed improvements related to two things:

(1) Increases water level in bowl during each flush; causing a higher head pressure.

(2) Increased vortex creating a better siphon on the water in bowl.

Word to the wise. Please do not flush Ping-Pong balls down a water closet attached to a working sewer system. In all flush tests the balls got hung-up or stuck side-by-side in the horn of the water closet requiring me to put my hand up in that COLD water to pull them out.

I have two other local plumbers & one Fairfax County inspector(no report yet) testing the Flood Tamer in their own homes under REAL working conditions. They have been installed for over one week. It will take a few more weeks before I will be satisfied to officially release the results. However I will tell you now they claim there is improvement shown in the flushing performance of the 1.6 Gal Water Closet.

Still waiting to hear from four PDL members. Two in CA. One in VA. & One in IL.

And the Oatey Company in OH.

My father invented a device to stop suds and sewage from backing up into toilets called the “Flood Tamer”

As a kid I was installing one in a toilet and had noticed that when installed it caused the water level in the bowl to rise higher than normal when flushed!

I will for some reason never forget my fathers word's when I asked him about this increase in the water level of the bowl when flushed.

He said, "this is important to know"

I said "why?"

He said "because the higher water level will make the toilet flush better"

I had dropped the subject and had never checked into this. (Many years ago!)



If so:


Would the 1.6 Gal toilets made today flush better with a “Flood Tamer” installed?

If it works the benefits will be: