Suds-N-Flood Tamer

Backflow Control

Prevents suds, and drain sewer water from backing up, helps keep snakes, animals, rodents and lizards from entering through the sewer system. If you need to stop  the backflow of sewer water, suds and bubbles, or have storm flood backup problems, the Suds-N-Flood Tamer is what you need.

Introducing the
Suds-N-Flood Tamers

Suds-N-Flood Tamer - Time Proven Since 1962, Over 60 Years.

BEFORE Suds-N-Flood Tamer                                                     AFTER Suds-N-Flood Tamer

The Suds-N-Flood Tamer is a low cost solution to these sewer water backflow problems.

Benefits of the Suds-N-Flood Tamer water, sewer, suds backflow control

Video of the Suds-N-Flood Tamer Backflow Control (from the 1960's)


U.S. Patent No. 3,047,013

Invented by W. J.  Baumbach, Master Plumber and Engineer, who helped write the first plumbing code for Washington D.C.  Holder of several U.S. Patents.

Baumbach also holds the copyright to the words "FLOOD CONTROL" (Reg. No. A-977,548 )

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