Suds-N-Flood Tamer


This page lists just a few "TESTIMONIALS" from satisfied customers of the Suds-N-Flood Tamer.

From: Thomas G. Urban []

Sent: Thursday, January 07, 1999 4:13 PM

To: William J. Baumbach II

Subject: RE: Suds Trap

Dear Bill,

Yes, so far so good. I’m the Building and Grounds chairman for our highrise and we’ve installed these suds tamers in the kitchen sinks on the first, second, third, fourth, and sixth floors. Our building engineers didn’t think they’d work, but so far so good. You really should check back in six months so they have more time for testing.

Thanks, Tom

Thomas G. Urban,

Editor, Oriental Institute Publications

The Oriental Institute

1155 East 58th Street

Chicago, Illinois 60637

Telephone 773-702-5967

Facsimile 773-702-9853


Jackson Housing Authority, Jackson, Minnesota 56143 847-3926

Dear Mr. Baumbach:

"I am writing in regard to the check valves we ordered from your firm in March of 1982. I am happy to report that this took care of our problem with the back up of water in lower apartment sinks."

"We will keep your firm on our files and will order check valves when they are needed."

"Once again, thank you for helping us with our problems."


Jean Murphy

Executive Director

Ron Royston 703-838-4488 from the City of Alexandria Va. sewer department will gladly tell how well the Flood Tamer worked for them for decades. It has been installed in hundreds of homes.

Dermott Public Schools, Dermott, Arkansas 71638 538-5264

March 29, 1982

Dear Sirs:

"Please send one(1) standard 3" outside diameter control. The 3 you have sent are doing fine"

Lanan Crodl ??

Town of Lincoln Housing Authority 10 Franklin Street, Lincoln, Rhode Island 02865 724-8910

July 23, 1982

Dear Mr. Baumbach:

"We certainly are grateful for the 3 cross bars you sent. They seem to have taken care of 98% of the problem."

"We would like to use a cross bar with every check valve, therefore would you be so kind as to send along at least 5 more cross bars?"

"We really do appreciate your assistance in the matter; your time and efforts have helped a great deal."

again, thanks you.


John Palma

Executive Director.

Atchison & Keller, Inc.

1246 Taylor St. NW

Washington, D.C. 20011-5689



Public Safety Center

2000 Mill Rd

Alexandria, VA. 

Project #81004.01

October 11, 1985


"Please send me... Regarding the Baumbach waste check valve which is specified to be used at the above subject project."

R. M. "Bob" McDonals

Purchasing Agent