Suds-N-Flood Tamer

Backflow Control

Prevents suds, and drain sewer water from backing up, helps keep snakes, animals, rodents and lizards from entering through the sewer system. If you need to stop the backflow of sewer water, suds and bubbles, or have storm flood backup problems, the Suds-N-Flood Tamer is what you need.

Introducing the
Suds-N-Flood Tamers

Suds-N-Flood Tamer - Time Proven Since 1962, Over 60 Years.

BEFORE Suds-N-Flood Tamer AFTER Suds-N-Flood Tamer

The Suds-N-Flood Tamer is a low cost solution to these sewer water backflow problems.

  • Toilet Backflow Preventer

  • Prevent and stop soap suds bubble backing up

  • Prevent Basement Flooding

  • How To Prevent Damage From A City Sewer Backup

  • Stop Sewer Back-Up

  • Protect your house from sewer backups

  • Sewage back up during rain events

  • When it rains, sewer water backs up through the floor drains in my basement

  • Stop suds from backing up in the drain line

  • Water coming up my Sink Drain

  • Disposal Backing Up Into Other Sink

  • Flood Tamer

  • Improves the flushing of 1.6 Gal low flush toilets

  • Help stop Rats from entering house from sewer

  • Iguana Lizard stopper, helps prevent them from entering house from the drain pipe. Florida Iguana Lizard in plumbing.

  • How to fix water coming up through your sink from the washing laundry machine dishwasher

  • Soap suds come up the other side of my kitchen sink

  • Sewer Backup Prevention

  • Backwater Valves and Toilet Plugs to Prevent Sewer Line Backups into the Building

  • My Sink fills up when I run my Dishwasher

  • Sewer Backup caused by heavy rain

  • Flooded Basement

  • The city sewers backed up

  • Drain and Sewer Backflow Preventer

  • Backflow Valve and Backwater Valve

  • Storm drain backs up in my sink

  • Sewer Backflow Valve

  • Mainline Backwater valves and backflow prevention valves

  • Keep suds and bubbles from coming from the Sink

Benefits of the Suds-N-Flood Tamer water, sewer, suds backflow control

  • No maintenance / maintenance free

  • Cost effective

  • Easy to install

  • Piece of mind

  • Be one of only a few contractors that can solve your customer's problem

  • Improve your profits

Video of the Suds-N-Flood Tamer Backflow Control (from the 1960's)


U.S. Patent No. 3,047,013

Invented by W. J. Baumbach, Master Plumber and Engineer, who helped write the first plumbing code for Washington D.C. Holder of several U.S. Patents.

Baumbach also holds the copyright to the words "FLOOD CONTROL" (Reg. No. A-977,548 )

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